Parveen Multispeciality Hospital’s consists of highly skilled doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide advanced care. It is the largest private hospital of the district, and is one of the best planned and best equipped hospitals, having  modern facilities for excellent patient care and administration.Our staff and doctors are not only well qualified but also most patient friendly and believe in practicing modern medicine with a very humane heart. True 24 hours emergency services are available.

Other Facilities Lapchole for Gall Bladder Stones Turp for Prostate Lap Appendicectomy NDHV. Day Care Treatment for Treatment of Fibroid Uterus Very Affordable Cost.
RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) गुर्दे व् शराब के रास्ते पथरी का इलाज Holmium LASER से New Laser That Treats Painful Kidney Stone Without Invasive Surgery पेट पर कोई छेद व चीरा नहीं!

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